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There are many places online where you can put your existing skills to the test and find out your specific level. Technicalities in the language will continue to affect what you learn down the line, so getting to grips with various rules sooner will make your life much easier. Knowing your level will help give you a better idea of what areas of grammar you should be focusing on, and may also help bring into focus what grammar basics you need to brush up on. While it might be tempting to just go for it and jump into the language without a safety net, allocating a little more time than you think you need to understanding grammar can pay off in the future; some grammar rules just take a little longer to absorb.

Even those who consider themselves to be advanced learners can afford to set aside some time just for studying French grammar; the technicalities of the language are notoriously hard even for natives, so it pays to take them seriously! When it comes to finding French grammar books, the world is really your oyster. Depending on your level, you may benefit from a specific type of French grammar book. While beginners might be most focused on the basics of verb conjugation, for example, intermediate and advanced learners can get into the nitty gritty of complex tenses and agreements.

Many dictionaries come equipped with grammar explanations and exercises, doubling up as more in-depth reference books and verb checkers.

French Grammar Resources & Lessons.

There are a whole load of dictionaries out there, but one good one to check out is the Collins French Dictionary, which can be accessed either in book form or online. As long as you master and keep coming back to these basics, the language will come much more easily to you at any level. Textbook learning will only get you so far! And you can do that on FluentU , where you get to hear real native French speakers using the language.

FluentU lets you learn French from real-world content like music videos, commercials, news broadcasts, cartoons and inspiring talks. FluentU brings authentic French videos within reach of any learner.

The Definitive Guide About the Word “tous” (French Grammar, French Pronunciation)

Interactive captions guide you along the way, so you never miss a word. While you would address family members, children and friends with tu, you would always address strangers, figures of authority and elders with vous. When it comes to French conjugation, regular verbs are your friends. Taking the time to memorize the endings of regular verb conjugations in the present tense takes practically no time at all, and committing the most popular usages of verbs to memory will follow naturally as an added bonus of practicing those conjugations.

In French, there are three sets of regular verbs that rear their heads again and again, so learning the patterns of each one will really come in handy. Verbs ending in -er , -ir and -re follow the same pattern in most instances. Learning grammar in a foreign language will teach you a lot about languages in general, bringing your attention to many technical things you had no idea were going on!

Plural nouns are just one or some of these things. Most nouns require simply an extra s to be turned from singular to plural.

Nouns that end in vowels, however, have a few different rules. Most nouns that end in — au take on an x to become the plural form. Others, which end in — al, take on an — aux , but instead of tacking this onto the end, you actually put -aux in place of -al. For example, the word journal newspaper ends up being written as journaux newspapers in the plural. The majority of nouns which end in s, z or x do not change when they become plural and can instead be identified by their article.

Product Details for French Grammar Laminated Reference Guide by BarCharts

Un virus a virus , for example, becomes des virus in the plural form. In English, none of our words have gendered agreements, so the whole idea of using masculine and feminine French words can feel a little strange at first. This grammar point may seem tricky at first, but will soon become easy for you to remember; all it takes is a little focus in the beginning to get used to it. But if there is a collection of pens and it looks like quite the rainbow on the table, I would have to be even more specific.

I definitely know which pen that I want.

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What happens in French is that before we ask that question and say the article, we have to know if a noun is masculine or feminine and singular or plural. I told you that stuff would come back later on. How many are there? Here are those words…. Adjectives are used to describe things. I like the turtles with long wiggly snake-like necks. I also like Galapagos tortoises. Think of that famous poster with the black cat to help you remember this one. And some get this can even go in front of the noun or behind the noun and change their meaning depending on where they are.

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Uh huh. These guys are the adjectives that swung back on their chairs at the back of French class whilst sticking their gum underneath the table.

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True rebels. As I mention in the video above, the spelling and sometimes pronunciation of adjectives is affected by gender. However, number of a noun also changes this. They normally go after the noun and the spelling and sometimes pronunciation change depending on whether or not a noun is masculine or feminine and singular or plural. Like I said, so much of my early years learning French was going over the same stuff again and again…and again.

What would you like to see me explain next time? Share in the comments! Hey Lindsay! You're awesome.

Colloquial French Grammar: A Practical Guide

About Lindsay Williams Lindsay Williams always had a curiosity for language. From spotting that most of the words on Italian road signs ended in vowels to actually wanting to order the baguettes on holiday in France, the warning signs were there. Since then, Lindsay has gone on to study more languages than her fingers can count, including a degree in Modern Language Studies along the way.

The French Grammar Guide