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DIPG has always been, and continues to be, the deadliest form of cancer ever discovered. Kids with it live a median of nine months after diagnosis. While almost every other form of pediatric and adult cancer has benefitted from new treatment modalities and vastly improved survival rates over this time, DIPG has not. It should not be this way.

DIPG affects boys and girls in the U. Of all the national funding available for cancer research, just four percent goes to childhood cancers, and DIPG gets just a tiny fraction of that four percent.

Warrior Princess GIFs

The result is an unacceptable lack of progress in fighting this deadly disease over the last half-century. Toby is a trained Empowerment Self-Defense Instructor and Yoga Teacher, and regularly facilitates workshops and retreats to empower, inspire, and transform. She is a full-time lover of movement, food, and words, expressing light and dark through many forms of dance, poetry, songwriting, and more. For the moment, Toby lives in Costa Rica.

Princess Warrior – Blogging and branding tools

She came for a masters degree in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies from the UN-mandated University for Peace—and stayed for the papaya, sunshine, and conscious community. Co-Facilitator - Amy Schmidt. Amy spent many years traveling the world, seeking adventure and beauty, practicing yoga, and working in a variety of jobs, before settling into a career in the nonprofit sector. After several years in this world, Amy chose a path into a different world and moved to Costa Rica to pursue a masters in Peace and Conflict Resolution at the University for Peace.

During this time, she also completed a training in Empowerment Self-Defense. Her teachings combine these many aspects of her path. She sees yoga not just as something we do to become stronger, healthier or more flexible, but as a service to the world. She sees ESD as a crucial way for women to move forward confidently in our quickly changing culture. Her yoga classes are an inspiring blend of movement, breath and connection to the beautiful world around us, and her self-defense classes are empowering and confidence-building.

‘Warrior Princess’ answers back

She was trained in Empowerment Self-Defense by ESD Global in and has facilitated a variety of other types of classes and workshops within her nonprofit work. Studying PR and marketing, she fell in love with event planning and coordinating right after graduating. During that time she became experienced in the adventure tourism industry as well as began her experience with weddings and events in Costa Rica and her love for yoga.

In Tui moved from the beach to a family farm near the shores of Lake Arenal that is currently under development to become a permaculture food forest and community garden. Since then she has studied yoga, energy healing and reiki and become fascinated with travel and events as a way to positively impact both the participants and the places they visit. Her passion is curating and co-creating unique and memorable events and experiences and sharing her home country with the world.

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She currently owns and operates Blue Butterfly Costa Rica Events with a focus on events inspired by nature. She lives in a fairytale tiny house on the side of Arenal Volcano, with her husband, 7 year old, 3 dogs and their cat. She was born in her small village Tonjibe, the second of 5 children.

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  • Her life is humble and a struggle, and she considers her father her greatest teacher and inspiration. She is a young woman who has embraced her culture, carrying through her travels the history of her ancestors. There she receives foreigners and nationals to teach them about the indigenous Maleku culture and traditions. Spaces are limited as this is designed to be an intimate and hands on experience.

    To register or for questions, please contact Tui at bluebutterflycr gmail. Balance is due 2 weeks before the retreat or in cash upon arrival. Warrior Princess Training. Calling all ladies with a love for travel!

    Princess Warrior - Race Results & Past Performances

    You are empowered. Your inner warrior princess is waiting to be unleashed into the world.

    Blood In The Arena - Xena: Warrior Princess

    Ready to feel strong, confident, and ready for anything? This exclusive experience is being offered for the first time in October! Get deep into empowerment, self-care, and real-life practical skills with daily empowerment self-defense and yoga.

    Adventure in the Costa Rican rainforest with your choice of white-water rafting, stand-up paddleboarding, or canyoning followed by soaking in the indulgent hot springs. Unplug and give yourself the gift of total presence. Role plays to integrate new techniques and apply them to real life situations.

    About Empowerment Self-Defense: Empowerment Self-Defense ESD was created by female martial artists who recognized that the "self-defense" they were being taught was catered to how men fight men. About the location: Rancho Margot is a world-renowned example of sustainable tourism practices with a stunning eco-hotel and retreat center.