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  1. 10 of the Best Warm Ups For Clowns
  2. Manual My Office Is A 3-Ring Circus!: Must I Take Orders From Clowns?
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  1. Then Bud Said to Bary, Who Told Bob... (Best Sports Stories Ever Told);
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10 of the Best Warm Ups For Clowns

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Manual My Office Is A 3-Ring Circus!: Must I Take Orders From Clowns?

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  • The party rental package includes: two party hosts, private entrance, parking lot, full kitchen access, and bathrooms. You may decorate and cater food from wherever you choose. However, we do provide buffet racks, tables, and chairs. Our 4 hour party package also includes for kid parties: face painting, balloon twisting, cotton candy, dancing and games! Thanx you Albert for doing a great job at my son 5th birthday.

    Everybody laughed and had a good time. I will have you back in October for my daughter. Good clown, kids were out of control, he made them laugh and have fun.

    Ten Original Clown Warm Ups

    He also was ok with changing location from outdoor party to indoor because of rain. Good value for the money, used him for a pre-k party in the park. After listening to the strange answers he sends them all out to search for the marmalade. They return with their various stories expressed through their characters. Observe the lies, the nonsense, the fear and the creepiness with glee. You may want to set up a court should the marmalade not be found, in which case you'll have to appoint a crooked judge.

    Professor Svenson has invented a magnetising machine that can magnetise different parts of the body. Each time he switches it on a person is drawn towards it by that part of the anatomy he announces! Choose someone to play the role of the professor. The machine can be any reasonably sized object with a flat surface large enough or nearly large enough to 'hold' the size of the group. It could be a couple of boxes, a square of chairs, or a turned table for example.

    Once switched on the professor can alter the magnetic strength and state the part of the body to be magnetised - nose, head, ankle, shoulder, bottom, ear, knee and so on - for each person.

    1. ISBN 13: 9780595351855.
    2. Moses on Management: 50 Leadership Lessons from the Greatest Manager of All Time.
    3. Why I Hate Jerry Sandusky ~ Not By Joe Paterno?

    Encourage each person to resist the pull. Divide the group into two equal teams of dressed up 'clowns' and demonstrate to them how to get round the obstacle course you have set up. You should aim for about 6 elements depending on space. First clown must set off between two cones, pick up a large newspaper, pick up bucket and mop, jump through 3 hoops, sit down and sing the first line of David Bowie's Starman Ground control to Major Tom, Ground control to Major Tom, commencing countdown engines on , blow up a balloon and release it into the air, bang the drum or cymbal then rush back and hand over newspaper, bucket and mop to next clown.

    During relay if the whistle blows the clown must stop and perform a dance or song of their choice for twenty seconds. If you suspect this original content has been stolen please contact the author. To comment on this article, you must sign in or sign up and post using a HubPages Network account. For some reason, I'm especially drawn to "The King's Marmalade. I also like "The Choir of Nonsense" and especially the suggestion at its end: And Gaspirtz's cartoon of the dead clown's "funny" taste for vultures is one of my favorites.

    Three Ring Circus Blue Magic

    I chuckle every time I remember it, so I was glad to see it here. The whole concept of clowning is a bit of a mystery yet we seem to need them and the many masks of comedy. Many of these exercises look like fun and would certainly be good warmup routines. As for a fear of clowns, I can understand such a thing, because clowns, many of them anyway, are hideous. Wouldn't it be terrifying to meet a clown on a deserted road in the country? Yes some of these exercises are based on improvisation techniques and the like.

    Your daughter - does she follow a particular style of acting? Or is she still very much a learner?

    Humorous person

    She has chosen a tough profession but some people are just born to act! I liked some of the ideas - I could see myself doing them. My daughter, who is an actor does similar things in her Improv performances. Yes I think you're right. I use some of them in my general drama classes as they can help icebreak and loosen some students up. They're also good for generating ideas and teasing out hidden talents. Another group I take can't get enough of warm up material- they prefer the randomness of it all to performing a straight play!

    I imagine they'd work pretty well for drama students as well. I have a cousin who used to work as a clown for kids' birthdays. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners. Learn how to roar back successfully in office Power Struggles. Let Change be your graceful high wire act.