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Composition 3k , Suprematism , Mannequin head , Suprematist Tea Service , Sans titre , Teiera in argento e ebano.

Suprematist Composition

Replik av "Suprematist Teapot" , Punin's Book of Art Lectures , Ohne Titel , Landscape , Suprematistische Teekanne und zwei Tassen , — Suprematist Composition , The term itself refers to the 'supremacy' of artistic feeling rather than an actual representation of real-life objects or scenery. Suprematist Composition is one of the best examples of this art movement.

It is an icon of Russian art, even though it had been banned for years by the Soviet government. The painting depicts a number of rectangles in bright colours. The colours most represented in the painting are blue, black, green, yellow, orange, red, and pink.

Kazimir Malevich

Despite the limitation of the colour palette, the painting appears to be bright and visual. Another name for the painting is also Blue Rectangle Over Red Beam, a very accurate description of the painting in real terms.

The painting has been hard to interpret for many artists because of its pure abstractness, and hence Malevich wrote a word essay describing the painting's goals, meaning, and overall philosophy. Art historians have since used this essay to colour their own interpretation of this work.

(Russian/Ukrainian, 1879–1935)

El Lissitzky was deeply influenced by Malevich. Finally, there is the white stage, which could be seen as the culmination of Suprematism.

Kazimir Malevich and El Lissitzky, ‘Suprematism’ | OEN

Following the Russian Revolution in , attitudes towards art started changing. By the late s, Social Realism had become the only accepted style and all avant-garde art was condemned by the Stalinists. Malevich himself stopped painting altogether between and in order to focus on his theoretical writings.

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He eventually returned to painting and even painted in the style of Social Realism, while always finding a way to add the signature mark of his own style and ideas. In his Self-Portrait … , for example, he signed the canvas in the bottom-right corner with a little black square.

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In the realm of abstract art, the influence of Suprematism was far-reaching. El Lissitzky used Suprematist concepts and forms, which played a role in developing the Constructivist movement.

He was also instrumental in promoting Suprematism outside Russia, inspiring artists like Laszlo Moholy-Nagy. Art Movement: Constructivism — Artland Magazine.

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Articles and Features. What is Suprematism?

The Beginnings of Suprematism.